#DrunkOnMusic – VISTA


Fronted by the fierce vocal prowess of Hope Vista and guitarist Greg Almeida, New York duo VISTA combine arena influences and a magnitude of stadium sounds, to define their  unique and compelling rock sound.

Greg & Hope

The Upcoming EP ‘ Long Live’ lyrically focuses on allegiances and finding utopia, in a dystopian and nightmarish 2017.

The 7 song track-list includes ”Henchmen” and ”Allegiance” as well as a new version of solo single ‘Dominance’ by Hope Vista from 2015 (check the original HERE).

The EP also contain 4 never before heard tracks, including the heart racing ”Inside Anxious” which is a lament to the physical symptoms of modern day anxiety. VISTA also introduces The Oasis, a metaphorical world for listeners in which to engage and feel safe in, through the bands electric music and live shows.

Long Live with be released 21/7/2017… or 7/21/17 if your in Long Island, like VISTA.

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