Seahawks Remix

Philadelphia-based Tulipomania has revealed the second track from their new three-track maxi-single. ‘On The Outside’ follows the first single – the Seahawks Remix of ‘Don’t Be So Sure’.

‘On the Outside’ is a dark and sinister, yet addictive, affair, contrasting internal battles between hazy dream-pop and angular indie, between fractious and shattered vocals and muscular beats, swirling sonorous, drifting keyboard washes. The new video presents intricate torn paper and tape collages of live performance, melded frame-by-frame with interior and exterior images, and additional objects in the band’s examination of shifting mental states of focus.

It’s a darkly introspective lullaby of loneliness that #DrunkOnMusic took an immediate liking to.

                                                                                          Buy it HERE

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