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Frequency Cowboy- Control

#DrunkOnMusic Frequency Cowboy is the pseudonym for Somerset-based multi-instrumentalist and singer Sam Hurt. A classically trained pianist, his Wurlitzer piano is the core instrument on his tracks, and creates the backbone for his distinctive sound. In a traditional song writing… Continue Reading →

Addicitive pHilosopHy – (NOT A) NOVELTY

Addictive PHilosopHy is a 5 piece punk/thrash/SKA band from Derby (UK) that we’ve written about before (here) and are pleased to report on their new single (Not a) Novelty. It’s a punchy and punky angst-riddled anthem. It’s peppered with political… Continue Reading →

Daudi Matsiko announces single “Houston In The Blind

#DrunkOnMusic – Daudi Matsiko Daudi Matsiko is streaming his new single ‘Houston In The Blind’ now aas a taster of his double EP release for Naim Records, ‘An Introduction To Failure’ out on May 26th,. The confessional, folk sound of guitarist Daudi Matsiko… Continue Reading →

Hotel Del Salto – Stand For Your Right

  Hotel Del Salto (AKA J. Francis) is back!. Following the success of debut single ‘Bigger Than Elvis’ Francis has raised the stakes even higher, with the transcendental rock-out psych trip of new single ‘Stand For Your Right’. Taking cues from the dance/rock crossovers of Primal Scream… Continue Reading →


#DrunkOnMusic – The Hurt   ‘We sleep when were dead’ is a vocal refrain in ‘Sleeping’ by The Hurt, that captivates and pulls yearningly at the gloom and doom chambers of your heart. A track so darkly drenched in the north west’s post industrial punk sounds of… Continue Reading →


  Leeds-based punk guitar noise  duo Kamikaze Girls have signed to Big Scary Monsters Recording Company and  release their forthcoming debut album Seafoam on 9th June 2017. We’ve had a cheeky DRUNKONMUSIC exclusive listen to this album and its a bit good (well, a lot… Continue Reading →

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