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Introducing Long Island (NYC) alt rock duo VISTA to our European #DrunkOnMusic audience.
Comprised of fierce front woman Hope Vista and guitarist Greg Almeida, VISTA have just released their brand new sophomore EP ‘ Long Live’ out onto the world. A dystopian themed 7 track anthem edged rock EP, that displays an enviable USA alt rock sound, that would fit perfectly into the ‘nu music scene’ of Great Britain.

Previously, we gave you a snippet of ‘Allegiance’ which is the EP opener. An immediate ‘call to arms’ for VISTA fans, ‘Allegiance’ asks us to settle in, as the next 6 tracks open our ears (and minds) to a lyrically inventive, impassioned and musically brave journey. ‘Inside Anxious’ is ‘on point’ as we say in the UK. Its a clear message, and the immediate resonation is just how good the production on this E.P is. This track is loud, tight, and electronically NEW WAVE, in places. HELLEBENT, & DOMINANCE 2.0 sit tightly together as these two rock high rollers are lyrically anxious, yet powerful. I think these two tracks tell a story on their own. This is a great E.P

The E.P title track is a message from VISTA to the rest of the world. We write this in the UK remember, this band is in NYC – a million miles away but, the vista message of music transcends air miles so easily.


Greg & Hope

The slow short sharp lament of  ‘Part III’ showcases a duo that contains  more talent than just  2 musicians would normally possess. This stopped me in my tracks upon first listening. Its incredibly emotive. The reverbed acoustic guitar and Hope’s almost ‘naked’ vocal (and I imagine emotions lade bare),  is utterly beautiful. Hope Vista has a sincere vulnerable vocal that I’m sure will be an immediate connection, if not a social haven, to marginalised rock fans, bedroom casualties and those teenage emotions that we have all conveyed at some point in our lives.

HENCHMEN concludes this debut from VISTA, and it’s a catalogue of cultured submersive ALT  ROCK.

Long live leaves us wanting more.

LONG LIVE is available NOW


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