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Cyborg Girl

Another great band have been in touch and submitted some music to #DrunkOnMusic. Scotland’s L-Space have sent us their new track, Cyborg Girl and their debut EP- Sol 0

The electronic dream pop band have a unique soundscape of musical influences, a sure sound not unlike Portishead, Flaming Lips and the pioneering 65daysofstatic.  The 4 piece female fronted L-Space were born in March 2016 and have already played Glasgow’s iconic music venue King Tuts, and they play again on the 20th (event details HERE).

Cyborg Girl is trip- hop, loop samples, and soothing experimental electronica. . A certain element of Massive Attack, meets St Etienne, maybe even late 1990s Dubstar.

Sol 0 is a 4 track EP of real variance. From EP opener BLUE FLOWERS to the gorgeous gaelic folk of BROTHER MARS, experimentation reigns within this band. Loops & samples soar through the space age ESCAPE V4.1 & the closer track ‘SO IT GOES’ is 6 minutes of everything L-Space offer. If musical nuances, experimental soundscapes, dreamy synths  and ethereal vocals are your jam, then L-Shape are your band. We love it.


LISTEN to Sol 0

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