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Hotly tipped  Moshi Moshi records signees Happyness are about to release their sophomore album. Here at #DrunkOnMusic  ‘Write In’ has been a constant loop on the  in-house sound system for so long, we now need to tell you about it!. A band that first burst into the public consciousness in 2013 with debut ‘Its on You’.The London based  three piece continued to flourish with 2014 album ‘weird little birthday’ featuring top of that years ‘end of year’ new music type awards; accolades and attributes for a fervent sound. Now if we are being honest ‘write in’ is our personal intro to ‘Happyness’. Before embarking on new music blog adventures, we didn’t consume all too much new music so a review of unbiased impartiality awaits;

‘Falling Down’ is the first single to be released from ‘Write In’. It’s lo-fi jangly guitars and sure-fire surf-pop with the American ‘college’ sound of debut ‘its on you’ suitably assured.  ‘The Reel Start Again {Man as Ostrich}’ is almost The Beach boys (‘Pet Sounds’ Era), all swirly harmonies & piano. As the album was recorded in L.A, the sound is pure surfer-pop. Its also a sound repeated on ‘ The C is A B A G’ which works well on this 10 track EP. Latest single Through Windows transports the mind to another time entirely. Plush piano chords, lo-fi lush vocals, its 1970s sound and an album favourite. Uptrend_Style Raids is all guitar arpeggios (see Falling Down) effect pedals galore, distance breathy post punk vocals, and 6 minutes 40 seconds of mind bending long player experiment.  A concept repeated in ‘Victor Lazarro’s Heart’ & ‘Tunnel Vision On Your Part’ which runs at over 5 minutes, hardly radio friendly but a band with talent to showcase, no doubt.  ‘Bigger Glass, Less Full’, ‘Anna, Lisa Calls’ & ‘Anytime are far shorter and are a sharper more upbeat garage rock sound. A band that convey sounds of a different time, convey happiness to future new music fans.


Watch the video to Falling Down HERE

‘Write In’ by Happyness is released April 14th on Moshi Moshi


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