#DrunkOnMusic – Powernerd – Testoserossa

You can tell by the album cover, what Powernerd may be looking to achieve with Testoserossa. It is exactly as suggested. This is 1980s electronica,  synth waves, incredible guitar riffs and power pop vocals. This couldn’t be anymore 1980s if it tried, and its absolutely brilliant.

Powernerd are 3 piece electronic outfit and probably from some dystopian past (or future) that bring electronica back to the forefront (or future, get it) with no 2017 gloss. Imagine ‘Daft Punk’ being an actual 1980s electro outfit, from the 1980s.. that’s what powernerd are all about.

Download Powernerd – Testoserossa HERE

Watch the official video HERE

Thanks to SEAYOU records for the submission.


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