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Following  the release of their 2016 single ‘CELL’ Berlin band HOPE are back and ready to stream sounds into our subconscious minds. A band that are uniquely dark  and monolithic (check out CELL here), HOPE have released their latest video for KINGDOM, and just like CELL, it will resonate for quite some time.

The brute song and dark video piece by Riccardo Bernardi reflect Christine Börsch-Supans self-created ”Kingdom of Compulsions“ between idealization, creeping and self-flagellation. It’s an interesting concept that delivers well.

In Germany, Jazz, academics and the provinces are very close, and Hope had to live through most painful experiences, play many unnoticed concerts, and remain unloved to find the love for themselves and their music. The previously mentioned CELL, sits alongside KINGDOM and RAW as an analogy of the bands current working phase.


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Drench yourselves in the darkness of HOPE and listen to KINGDOM here


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