The Fireflys are an Alt-Americana band from Runcorn, north west England, who release their debut single ‘Grace’ in November 2017.

The song-writing of vocalist/guitarist Lee Wylding underpins The Fireflys’ creative output, augmented by bassist Sam Bramhall, pianist Chris Tann, drummer Andie Packer, acoustic guitarist Joe Paul Forber and guitarist Phil Conway. Marking the beginning of a new generation of UK Americana/alternative guitar based bands, The Fireflys are indebted sonically to the likes of Neil Young and Tom Petty, as well as the links of R.E.M. and City & Colour.

The band are regularly played at Old Trafford stadium on match days and have been featured on MUTV, BBC Manchester and That’s Manchester TV, affording them the cult status across the Northwest of England.

‘GRACE’ is effective in melody, catchy in rhythm and plays host to some tight and professional musicianship. A paean to the love for ‘grace’, the subject matter is somewhat formulaic but you cannot deny a band of obvious considerable musical and song writing talents. Being from the North is England which is drenched in leather jacketed clichéd indie bands, ‘The Fireflys’ certainly don’t conform to type, which certainly helps them standout in a crowd. A band that are striking out on their own terms, this should stand them well in the new music venues of 2018.

A band that #DrunkOnMusic are keen to keep an eye on, The Fireflys certainly hold their own.

Grace is available via Strawberry Moon Records on the 24th November 2017

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Video Credits: Benjamin Harrap Featuring: Gabrielle Myles

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