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Swym is the recording project of Scottish writer and recording artist, Nassif Younes who has announced the release of his debut EP titled “Your Distraction” from which he will be sharing the first single, “Up To You” on the 13 October. Your Distraction was mastered by Nick Watson (Deep Purple, Coldplay, Fleetwood Mac) at Fluid Mastering, London.

Swym (unsure if a pseudonym of an acronym) is a multi-instrumentalist, with a comparative minefield of influences ranging from Led Zeppelin and Alt-J to Leonard Cohen, also including more complex textures from bands like Radiohead, Tame Impala, Flaming Lips and Pink Floyd. The latter four are definitely mentionable when reviewing ‘Up To You’. The ‘hook’ is a catchy lead refrain chorus that sticks in the mind on a loop, upon hearing it for the first time. Its definitely different and definitely catchy. That is what we like at #DrunkOnMusic

On Swym’s debut EP, Younes had this to say: “It wasn’t really meant to be a concept record. The songs were chosen from about 30 that I’d recorded and it was just at the end when I noticed there was a bit of a theme running through the whole thing. I was writing a lot about the different bubbles that people live in and the way we distract ourselves from the harsh realities of the world. It’s about things like apathy, indulgence, consumerism, social echo chambers… things we use as distractions. I didn’t want to make it sound too dark so there’s a fair bit of tongue in cheek in the lyrics and producing the songs myself meant it could have that playful, naive sound too.”

‘Your Distraction’ EP Tracklist:

01 Up To You
02 Black Wine
03 That’s So Drugs, Man
04 Useless Dreaming
05 Exo

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