Limb by Limb

‘Limb by Limb’ by Pembrokeshire-based duo Name’s is the follow up single to ‘Backs Turned’, a song that has already been included in BBC Introducing Wales list of songs of 2017.

Where do you go after creating such an assured artistic statement with your debut single? ‘Limb by Limb’ is the answer. Names have shed any creative ego to create a raw, emotionally rich song devoid of self-indulgence and over reaching dramatization. Yet again Ioan and Joey have found beauty within the smouldering ashes left in the wake of life’s broken relationships. As Ioan explains, ‘Limb by Limb’ is “largely inspired by the ignorance of issues within a relationship which slowly bring about its demise. Also the effect of a background anxiety on life and ability to socialise.

DrunkOnMusic will tell you that this track is an intricate exercise in self-worth, maybe even loathing. It’s individual in inception and rarely does a song offer such a wonderous lament, that engages and inflames emotion in equilibrium.

‘Limb by Limb’ musically and lyrically perfectly depict the contrasting moments of clarity and internal isolation one feels holding on to a dying relationship. The sense of calm in the release, yet claustrophobic panic of the unknown. As with Talk Talk’s majestic ‘Spirit of Eden’, Names are quickly becoming masters of the intimate, unseen but deeply felt moments we share. Their music explodes on to a cinematic canvas full of flowing chords and echoed melodies.

Wales is a bedrock of new music at the moment. As we come to the end of 2017, it will be interesting to see what Libertino still have left in their new music arsenal.


Release Date: 10th November 2017
Label: Libertino Records
Format: Digital Download

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