#DrunkOnMusic – La Forme


Bird In An Aviary

#DrunkOnMusic proudly introduces you to LA FORME and their electronic synth-led new single ‘Birds In An Aviary’. The songs title is a literary nod to Tennessee Williams, and a line from the seminal play ‘ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’.

‘”I’m not living with you, we just occupy the same cage.” La Forme’s vocalist and lyricist Chris explains: “I have always loved that line. As literary references go, you just much higher than Tennessee Williams and its almost as dark alternative synth led indie goes, we are immediately drawn to bands that would honour intelligent prose or poetry within their remit ( we are thinking The Smiths, New Order and of course Joy Division). Another great new band from Wales, and on the Libertino roster.

‘Birds In An Aviary’ is glacial, brooding and pragmatic; in conviction and lyrical content. Its a  synth pop new wave slow burner. A track that lures you into a darkened, and almost futuristic musical place and space in time.

BIRDS IN AN AVAIRY is released 24/7/17 via Libertino



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