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One of #DrunkOnMusic‘s favourite bands Campfire Social are making a welcome return to the UK music scene with their brand new EP ‘Wellbeing’

Thinking of this bands name evokes an image of a close band of musicians, sat around a campfire, singing close harmonies with ramshackle instruments and a great sense of unity. The Alt pop-indie  5 piece from Llangollen / Chester do not disappoint.

The EP is filled with incandescent melodies,  glorious optimism , beautiful harmonies and is wonderfully produced. The bands influences certainly include Elliott Smith, The Beach Boys, and almost undoubtedly, The Magic Numbers.

The 5 tracks are addictive listening. ‘ISHQ’ is a great opener, immediately captivating with close harmonies that are surely a signature sound for this band, its upbeat and stands out on the EP. In the middle is the more morose and mature ‘Playwright’. Its certainly a lament, showing a band that can gravitate towards and express more deeper lyrical content. Pounding percussion introduces ‘Nothing Near Nowhere Now’, the lyrical alliteration works nicely in this folky’s pop paean. The end of the EP is 6 minute epic of ‘Wendy’. The picking of those acoustic strings, the warm harmonies; this could easily be The Mamas and Papas.

Campfire Social condense influences within 1960s Americana, Surf Pop, and alternative folk, creating a definitive and mature sound for around that ‘Campfire’.

Wellbeing EP is released 23/6/17 and a trailer can be watched HERE

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