#DrunkOnMusic – Argraph

CYMORTH (meaning support/help) is ARGRPH‘s (pronounced Are-Graph) follow-up single to the majestic
‘Tywod’ from late 2016. Spending studio time again with producer Llyr Parry, songwriter, guitarist and vocalist Emyr Sion was joined by Caradog Davies (drums+vocals) and Gwyn Rosser (guitar+vocals) for this dream pop ensemble that carries a gorgeous guitar loop and is a darker side to ARGPH’s swishy surf pop.

CYMORTH is a poetic and emotionally bruising song. A song that is attributed to dealing with mental health issues and social instability, (read about #ThreeMinuteHeroes here) its a new music campaign that certainly fits with the DrunkOnMusic ethos.

There is a certain magic to the ARGRPH sound. A sound that transcends commercial boundaries, its
emotionally stirring and has a worldly Welsh appeal.

      Listen to CYMORTH here

  The track is available via Libertino Records on 23.6.2017

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