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Royalties 15/5/17

Formed in 2015, Mosley Bar, a four piece indie band from the North West of England, are already in the midst of new music’s praise and high regards.  After releasing debut EP ‘Another Record Sleeve’ in April 2016 (you can read our review here), the indie upstarts are set to return to the fold with their 2nd EP ‘ROYALTIES‘ released on the 15th of May.  The lead single Two Apart has already won praise from UK and national radio. Its an anthem which sticks to traditional Britpop chords and melody, proceeding with a rocky and charismatic edge.

Wide Awake continues in the same vain, pure attitude reeks from the vocals, a band of tight musicianship and catchy melodic guitar riffs. Philip maybe a personal anecdote to a friend of even an acronym, unsure, but the bands cited influence ‘Artic Monkeys’ are certainly prevalent in this track (circa ‘favourite worst nightmare), its a good one.
Chasing rounds up this punchy anthem-led 4 track EP, and in style. MOSLEY BAR showcase their formidable talent in each track, a band that we will certainly keep an eye on in 2017.

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