Here at DrunkO11779789_954600717934799_1270481468575289347_onMusic, we have a plan. Call it an idealism, a design, a way of living, if you fancy?.
It is essentially all about the new music; as captivating, enthralling and utterly delicious as we can find.

These days, we don’t need to find it, we get sent it!.  As the website starts to grow, the music submissions are streaming in at an alarming (yet exciting) rate.

So this week, we gave a listen to ’20 Years of Screaming’ , the new EP from Leeds based alt rock trio ‘Kath and The Kicks’.

Led from the front by Kath Edmonds (guitar and vocals), the 4 track EP is blistering blast of traditional alt rock, cleverly placed lyrics and distorted guitars.

BASEMENT BULLETS is the opening track, giving birth (in a lyrical snippet) to the EPs title track, its a claustrophobic story of ‘bullets in the back, in the basement’. Prophetic imagery indeed. An EP that’s easily lends itself to dark melodic rock.

ALL OF MY TIME is our personal favourite; traditional rock, its short yet sharp and musically fulfilling. It displays all of ‘Kath and The Kicks’ talents and is a staple classic rock treat. A musically tight trio, Check out the VIDEO here >>

BERNARD’S IN A DITCH is a ragged and raged little story. A band lead by a femme fatale, its interesting to hear rock in this perspective, it works brilliantly. You cannot ignore the pounding percussion of this track either.

We’ve already had bullets in the basement, now Bernard’s in a ditch. Is this a motif on the EP?. An interesting concept maybe…

THE LETHAL PARROT is the EPs last track, its vocally and melodically different, and falls at a different place (and pace) to the last 2 songs. The song is written in a second narrative, and the only rock song we’ve heard about a parrot named Lucifer.  ‘she couldn’t speak, she was lost in a world of silence’ , again its lyrically introspective, in possession of nicely layered vocals and contains that stark and dark imagery. The Parrot is also in the kitchen… motif maybe?.. maybe. We love it.

‘Kath and The Kicks’ are from Leeds, UK.  More about the band here >>


Download the EP here

You can also catch the band at the LIVE IN BARNSLEY free music festival on June 18th 2016.



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