We at #DrunkOnMusic have decided its time to celebrate Album of the month #No2.    The debate as to whether this should be on the #europop page has been largely ignored. This  LP by INHOODIES gave us the idea for the #europop page and by enlarge, this is a very English album. It just happens to be by a Turkish musician of incredible talent, recorded in London,UK.                                                                                                            Here at DOM HQ we are pleased to introduce you to INHOODIES.

IMG_20160509_203108‘A Lunar Manoeuvre’ is a 10 track EP recorded late winter of 2015 (Recorded at The Shed, Sugar Cane and Kore Studios in London), with all songs written and composed by Murat Kılıkçıer (aka In Hoodies).

Inhoodies had a stellar support of session musicians on this album, a wealth of UK music talent.

Bass guitar tracks are shared between Damon Minchella (Ocean Colour Scene, The Family Silver) & Martyn Campbell (The Lightning Seeds, & Rain, later work with Miles Kane and Richard Ashcroft). Its an impressive ensemble, with Si Connelly (El Born, Goldbirds)on lead guitars.

Inhoodies writes passionate and fearsome indie, largely driven by quaint emotion and armed with an intelligent songbook.

From The Doves sounding ‘Be All You Feel’ to the cautious ‘Snow Patrol’ sounding tale of ‘Rules of Adulthood’, INHOODES invigorates and blends influences and musicians, to deliver his own enigmatic sound  .

A more morose affair like ‘MY CON’ carries a certain Turkish percussion feel, a glimpse into INHOODIES musical geography. Recent single ‘HEALING’ airs a distinct swagger, an appreciative nod to ‘Dolphins were Monkeys’ by Ian Brown. Its no surprise as programming, STRING ARRAGEMENTS AND KEYBOARDS ARE BY TIM WELLS (also worked with Ian Brown, Nick Cave, The Cure,  James and Seal).

The real balladeer of ‘A Lunar Manoeuvre’ is the stand-out  ‘She Got Caught’. The Album is produced* by Brit Award Winning producer Chris Potter (The Verve, The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney)

The might of Potter’s production alongside musician INHOODIES is a juxtaposition of seismic proportions. The stars aligned when this album was made, a lunar manoeuvre of music chemistry. A star is born.

*Ian Cooper, Stuart Hawkes  and Andy Baldwin, both Grammy award winners, mastered the album.


Cover artwork by Ethem Onur Bilgiç

You can find out more about inhoodies at the following links:




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