Here at #DrunkOnMusic we are always excited to receive and review the best in new releases.
Its a rare occasion though, to receive a physical CD in the post. Gone are the days of demo CDs. Now its all MP3s (in amongst the re-emergence of Vinyls and cassettes, I digress, that’s another article).
Landing in the letterbox and delivered by my indie postman ‘Another Record Sleeve’, is the debut from Lancashire lads MOSLEY BAR.  Settling down on a Sunday afternoon, it was time for me to get #Drunkonmusic with some Skelmersdale sounds..
Another Record Sleeve..
Led from the front by Lead Singer Ryan Ward, he commands an audience with a low and confident brooding flair, ‘Risk‘ is a charismatic mospiano2and charming opening track, the bar has been set. An indie anthem for the Friday night crowd (pre-pub). ‘just another day’ is the chorus crowd pleaser, lends a lot to the ‘Monday-Friday’ routine, you imagine being displaced by a roll of a dice. .
See the video here>>                                              .
‘Record Sleeve’ is an explosion of guitar and a crash smash of an astounding rhythm intro. A lot  heavier than the opener, leading you to the indie disco, this a real anthem. A quick drop of indie masked with a confident maturity.A young brood, look at the facebook page >>.

Rendevous’ is melodic, Guitarist Adam Eccleston, really races through choppy guitar chords, layered and immersive. Its worth noting that the production on this EP is loud and extremely good. It fits Mosley, a marching drum cacophony of a middle eight,  is the stand out within this track. A more morose ballad to ‘rendezvous place’ , a sonnet to a half romance, I imagine.

‘The World and I’ is the closer of an impressive 4 track EP.


Mirroring most of the previous tracks, this indie quintet comprise of melodic layered guitars, brooding indie vocal, intricate patterned percussion and are a tight musical outfit

Ones to watch. Drop the pop… lets get drunk on Mosley Bar.

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