ADWAITH have released DEBUT single ‘PWYSAU’ via a free download on Decidedly Records.

A four piece all girl group from Wales, ADWAITH formed against the background of diverse influences; The Slits, Nico, & Happy Mondays, through to the The Velvet Underground & Johnny Cash, a compression of influences and certainly a promising sign.

PYWSAU is a heartfelt folk acoustic paean, beautifully delivered in the pronounced and distinctive sounds of the Welsh language. The intonation in the vocal, from this unique language,  adds an intriguing and thoughtful layer to the song (especially if you don’t speak it, like us) .

The song is written and delivered with a level of maturity from a band that surpasses their young flourishing youth. Without a doubt, here is a young group that will harbour their talents in a quite song writing room, ready to take 2017 by storm.

PWYSAU is available to download now HERE for free.

Thanks Decidedly Records and BEAST PR for the submission



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